Access to Healthcare

Twenty-five percent of Springfieldians are living in poverty. When money is tight, healthcare becomes unaffordable, disease becomes untreatable, and lives are lost. Our hospital emergency departments become overwhelmed, and the entire community feels the impact. Charlie has seen too many families in this community suffer because they couldn’t get care. He will make expansion of Medicaid a top priority in Jefferson City, to make sure that no Missourian loses their life or a loved one simply because they couldn’t get the help they needed.

Quality Education

Charlie represented Northwest Springfield students for eight years in Jefferson City, and he knows the challenges our schools face. When Charlie last represented Springfield in 2015, the General Assembly invested $115 million dollars in our school funding formula. Last year, the contribution was only $48 million. Our schools can’t succeed if we don’t give them the money they need. It’s time for a change in leadership.


Source: “Missouri poised to fully fund its school formula, but only after reducing its cost,” St. Louis Dispatch, May 12, 2017,

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